Windproof Lighter Mobile Phone Holder


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This product can be used as a lighter or a phone stand. The lighter could be worked under any weather condition, especially the wind day. Open the lid and press the switch to ignite, even under wind and rain conditions! No flame ignition does not contain any flammable fuel. The lighter is rechargeable with a USB.

Practical design:  The Lighter and mobile phone holder two in one; ultra-thin design, easy to carry.

High safety: No flame ignition, does not contain any flammable fuel, can be taken on the plane.

Recyclable: USB charging can ensure long-term recycling, saving and being environmentally friendly. (Micro USB port)

High-quality assurance: It has a stylish design, made of high-quality lithium batteries and metal zinc alloy, suitable for gifts.

Material: Metal
Size: 60*40*10mm

Package Included:
1x Windproof Lighter Mobile Phone Bracket