USB LED Night Light


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The bright white LED can ensure a clear vision in the dark. When you go online or play games at night, turn off the light and plug in such a USB light to protect your direct eyes from fatigue, but also save electricity costs and not affect others, Rest, let you enjoy the fun of the network and games!

  • No external power supply directly gets power from the insert d USB port.
  • Superpower saving, good heat dissipation, using aluminum substrate patch.
  • Can illuminate the keyboard softly without affecting other people around.
  • It uses a plug-in laptop, desktop, mobile power, power adapter, etc.

Advantages: easy to carry, efficient, energy-saving, exquisite and beautiful, and widely used and affordable.

Material: The shell uses environmentally friendly Pc raw materials, high-temperature resistance and heavy pressure resistance and the circuit board uses high-quality materials.

Max. Forward Current: 1-2A
Max. Forward Voltage: 5V
Max. Reverse Current: 1-2A
Model Number: USB LED Book Lights
Max. Reverse Voltage: 5V
Voltage: 5V

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