Mini USB Mug Warmer Coasters


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Lightweight and compact size, easy to carry and suitable for most stainless steel cups, feeding bottles, ceramic cups, glass cups, etc. Great for use at home and office, keeping you brew warm on cold days. Any devices power it with output 5V-4A USB port, easy and convenient. Extended 1.2m cord length to use, making you enjoy hot drinks whenever you want them. Adopt a high-strength waterproof aluminum plate, easily wipes clean. Non-skid plate bottom to help support your mug and prevent spills.


  • It is made of high-quality ABS, heating evenly, safe and durable to use.
  • Keep your coffee, tea or other hot beverage warm up to 60°, do not worry about high temperature and high oxidation, safe in use.
  • Great for use at home and office, keeping you brew warm on cold days.

Instructions for use:

1. After the product is powered on, place the drink that needs to be kept warm on the cup warmer, and press and hold the switch button.

2. Short press the switch button and the digital screen displays the timing time red light, 04 timing is 4 hours, 08 timing is 8 hours, 12 timing is 12 hours, 24 timing is 24 hours, the remaining time in timing work is less than 15 minutes, and the time flashes promptly.

3. Temperature adjustment button, 3 levels in total, + heating,-cooling.

3. Drink water reminder, touch the middle to turn on the display for ON-seconds, turn on the water drink reminder every 1 hour with three short beeps. Touch again to close the reminder function and display it off in the middle.

4. The machine is forced to shut down after 12 hours of continuous work, and the indicator light is off.

5. This machine is equipped with a temperature trip protection function, stable heating to keep the water in the cup at a constant temperature.

Touch Induction Heating Base
Rated power: 20W
Product net weight: 170g
Product size: 123X 115X21.5mm
Input: 5V 4A

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