Large Pet Plush Sofa Cover Bed


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The bed is soft plush; it is fluffy, soft and soft to the touch. The raised edge design creates a sense of security and provides support for the head and neck, while the super-soft padding can relieve joint and muscle pain.

High-Quality Materials: The pet furniture protective cover is made of durable nylon and luxurious artificial fur. The surface of the blanket is plush, soft and comfortable. It cares for the pet's skin and provides a warm, safe and comfortable high-quality sleeping environment for the pet.

Easy to Clean: the pet furniture cover can be removed from the polyester fiber-filled cushion. Just unzip the zipper and take out the inner pad. It is machine washable and easy to clean. Machine wash in cold water, dry at low temperature

Safe and Reliable: The bottom has a non-slip design to keep it secure; this helps to improve pet safety and overall furniture protection


Size            Outer diameter                     Inside diameter
       Length x width x height (cm)           Length x width (cm)
S                90x80x1 3(cm)                       70x 70(cm)
M              105x95x1 5(cm)                      84x84(cm)
L               115x95x1 5(cm)                      100x85(cm)

Package Included: 1 x Large Pet Plush Sofa Cover Bed