Intelligent Electric Food Heating Smart Lid


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Keep your food fresh and delicious with the Heating Sealing Cover! This cover will keep flies out of your food while keeping it nice and hot. It is also easy to clean!

  •  Keep food hot - It is very nice for keeping food hot and delicious.
  •  Keep fly out - It can keep flies and various bugs out of food and ingredients.
  •  High-temperature cleaning - Besides heating food, it is also nice for cleaning tableware.
  •  Quick defrost - It is very good at defrosting frozen food, quick and nice.
  •  Ferment pasta - You can use it to ferment all kinds of pasta according to the right mode and suitable degree.

High-temperature cleaning:
One key to start the cleaning work, the default cleaning time: 90 minutes, the default temperature is 70C

Temperature adjustment:
The default temperature is 50degC, each time you press it, it can increase by 5degC, the highest temperature is 60degC, and the lowest temperature is 45degC

Function: heating, cleaning, fermenting
Rated power: 90W
Product material: PC+PP
Color: as picture show
Size: 180x420mm
Function description:
Power button: Tap on/off

Package Includes:

1 x Heating sealing cover
1 x cable