Folding Infant Hair Wash Baby Chair


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Fit the back curve, comfortable support baby's spine baby is like a recliner, naturally lying flat without crying. Backrest two-gear adjustable: Press the buttons on both sides of the back to adjust the backrest angle. Two gears can be adjusted to make it more comfortable and intimate

  • Pp smooth curve, smooth edges without burrs, sturdy and durable; stable without rolling, giving the baby a sense of security.
  • Baby shampoo chair has a hanging hole design, which is easy to hang without any effort, and the storage is simpler and does not occupy space.
  • The baby shampoo chair uses 5 reinforced non-slip feet, It can hold up to 220lbs, which ensures stability and safety during the Kid's hair washing time. Fits adults just fine.



Material: plastic
Plastic Type: PE
Age Range: 4-6y
Age Group: Babies
Name: Baby Folding Shampoo Chair
Weight: 3.6Kg
Expand Size: 100*40*38cm
Color: Pink/Green

Package Included: 1  x Folding Infant Hair Wash Baby Chair