Elegant Vintage Professional Electric Men Hair Trimmer


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Easy to use, the electric hair clipper has an ergonomic handle, which is comfortable and convenient to use, especially when cutting your own hair. It is not only a hair clipper for men but also a hair clipper for children and the whole family. Waterproof, wet, and dry.

Zero distance oil head design: T type 0 cutter head ultra-short tooth pith does not hurt the scalp,does not freeze,the hair is cut off at the touch,easy to clean,sharp and not rust

Powerful motor surging power: Strong power, stable and low noise ,long service life,smooth and smooth hair clipping,no fear of soft and hard hair of various natures

Metal aluminum tube appearance: Cylindrical body with a comfortable grip, light luxury diamond, vertical stripes,smooth texture , comfortable grip,stylish appearance

Superior Blade: Precise steel cutter head made of titanium material is safe and sharp, not easy to heat up, ensuring efficiency and durability.

  • The new generation of electric push shear adopts a larger body and a high-power motor, which has a better hand feel and more horsepower
  • Large power copper core motor Clipper is smooth and does not stuck hair
  • Copper core motor brings strong power, fast speed, smooth shaving and no stuck hair, low-frequency vibration.


Material: Titanium + stainless steel
Power Type: Rechargeable, With USB Cable
Voltage: 110-240V
Product Size: 15*4.0*2.5cm
Washing Mode: Cleaning brush clean
Features: Long life, high-speed charging, stable discharge, economical and environmentally friendly

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