Elegant Natural Massaging Stone


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A polished amethyst globe is a beautiful accessory for any home. It can be used to focus and spiritual growth while also being a good gift for friends. 

Perfect Gift: This is a polished amethyst globe. It is a good gift for friends and family members who love nature, rocks, and minerals.

Helps Focus: Polished Amethyst Globe helps people focus with its calming purple colors and smooth surface for easy handling.

Unique Decor: The Amethyst Globe is a perfect and elegant way to add unique decor to any room. It makes for a beautiful decoration that can be enjoyed from all angles.

Material: CRYSTAL
small ball size: 29-30mm
small weight: 35-40g
big ball size: 32-35mm
big weight: 60-65g
Manufacturing Process: Hand Made

Package Includes:
1x Polished Glove (Type is optional)

Wooden Stand is not included.