Electronic Laser Distance Range Measurer


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This electronic distance measure is very convenient to engineering survey and house design and decoration, this is faster simpler to get the measurement results than with a traditional tape measure, getting results quickly in 0.5s. If you are a professional construction engineer, definitely you need this laser taper measure, actually, this laser measuring device is a good helper, especially as a room measurer laser for realtors.

Go to wheel function, move the wheel from the start point to endpoint on a surface, no matter this surface is curved, round or rugged, or even discontinuous.

The wheel also offers two outstanding features:

-One-hand operation;

-Multiple calculations shifting from Laser to Wheel measuring. (Add/Subtractor Area/Volume)


Measuring accuracy:±2mm
Measuring units: m/in/ft /ft+in
Laser class: Class 2
Laser type:635nm,<1mW
Area, Volume Measurement: Yes
Secondary Pythagorean:Yes
Indirect Pythagorean theorem: Yes
Addition and subtraction: Yes
Continuous measurement: Yes
Min./max./value: Yes
Beeper: Yes
4-line display with backlight: Yes
Single distance measurement: Yes
Historical memory: 20
Button: Soft rubber buttons
Operating temperature: 0-40 degree
Storage temperature: -10-60 degree
Battery type: AAA 2 X 1.5V(Battery Not Included )

Auto laser off: 30 seconds
Auto instrument off: 180 seconds
Package Included: 1 x Electronic Laser Distance Range Measurer