Electric Portable Car Waxing Polishing Machine


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Multi-functional, it can not only wax the car body, but also polish and remove dirt, repair scratches, and deicing. One machine can meet various needs and save effort and worry.

Simple installation, five-mode replacement. The product is equipped with waxing discs, polishing dustproof discs, deicing discs, wool discs, and chenille cleaning discs to meet various needs.

  • The pure copper motor has a long service life and is durable.
  • Wireless design, easy to carry and clean.

Name: Electric cleaning brush
Working voltage: 8.4V
Speed: 480rpm
Lithium battery capacity: 1.5Ah
Lifetime: 20-60mins
Size: 225 * 140 * 170mm
Color: black

Packing included:
1 * Electric cleaning brush
1 * Waxing tray
1 * Polished dustproof plate
1 * De-icing tray
1 * Wool tray
1 * Chenille cleaning plate
1 * Charging cable