Easy Dumpling Maker Mold


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This ravioli mold makes the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable. Ideal tool to use fresh pasta dough and your favorite fillings to create homemade pot ravioli, won ton, fried dumplings, kreplach, empanadas and more.

Durable and safe: Constructed of high-quality aluminum alloy which is heavy duty and lasts a long life without any corrosion, it won't rust, bend, break or weaken. Nontoxic, odorless and eco-friendly.

Fast and easy: Makes 37 pieces of perfect dumplings at a time, which helps you save time and labor. And all are uniform of exact size.

Smooth edge: It won't scratch your countertop or your hands when you use it.

Easy to store: Being light and flat, convenient to hang it on a wall or easily store it in a drawer.

Clean easily: just clean with soap water and air it.


How to use:

1) Sprinkle flour fitly and place a rolled layer of dough on top of the pelmeni maker.

2) Apply slight downward pressure with the finger to form pockets.

3) Add filling to the forming pockets.

4) Put another layer of dough over the top.

4) Use a rolling pin to seal and cut each piece.

5) Pop the pierogi in a pot of boiling water and serve.

6) Turn over to remove pelmeni and finish.


Material: aluminum alloy
Size: 250*5.5mm
Weight: 228g

Package Included:
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