Dual USB Port Car Power Adapter


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It is suitable for the use of various automotive electronic products such as navigators, driving recorders, vacuum cleaners, and so on. Reinforced non-slip shrapnel on both sides, the integrated bayonet is more stable, charging will not be interrupted on bumpy mountain roads

  • The 12V-24V models are universal and suitable for most cars.
  • 1A dual USB interface plus dual cigarette lighter interface, 120W high power, to achieve the use of multiple devices.
  • Non-marking double-sided adhesive fixation, which can fix the product at any position in the car.



  • Product name: dual USB car charger
  • Color: black
  • Material: ABS
  • Total Power:120
  • Output voltage:3.1A
  • Input voltage:12V/24V
  • Application:mobile phone,navigator,dash cam,vacuum cleaner,etc.

Package Included : 1 x Dual USB Port Car Power Adapter