Baby Head Protector Cartoon Pillow


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This baby head pillow has a more reasonable design. It protects the head and shoulders. It protects the head while being breathable and not stuffy. The baby will be more stable when he walks with no pressure on his back.

The product is novel and cute, it can prevent falling during the day and care for the baby's safety; at night, it can be used as a soothing doll to soothe the baby's sleep.

It is the best choice for babies during their growth period, and it is also a powerful little helper for mothers.


Surface Material: Breathable Tencel 3D Mesh/Crystal Suede

Filling: high resilience PP cotton

Size: about 33*19cm/30*20cm ,due to different shapes, there may be a small amount of error, please know before ordering.

Package Included: 1 x Baby Head Protector Cartoon Pillow