5in1 Creative Fruit Vegetable Peeler


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The most versatile kitchen tool. Help you quickly and thoroughly clean the dirt on vegetables, fruits, and seafood!

Peel, brush, grind, open and clean. The multifunctional vegetable brush has a simple and durable design, which can clean all kinds of kitchen utensils, such as hard shells, vegetables, sinks, basins, etc.

The brush slicing tool adopts an ergonomic non-slip handle design, easy to grasp, suitable in size, and light in weight, allowing you to easily hold and clean any position you want. It is ideal for preparing food every week.


Material: PP

Color: white, dark blue, light blue

Net weight: 62g

Size: 20*5.5*6.4 (cm)

Package Included:

1*Five-in-one peeler